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I am a 2012 Bachelor of Architecture graduate (valedictorian) of NewSchool of Architecture + Design in San Diego, CA.  With a fair number of years of professional experience within the built environment both as a practicing interior designer and as a design manager working for an international development corporation (Emaar), and currently employed in a small architecture firm, I have a broad range of experiential fodder. 

In this space, I will continue my own education by writing about architectural practice and theory in conjunction with my evolving knowledge of economics.  Architecture, and economics, in all their various forms, touch us all; so your opinion matters whether you are educated, or not, about architecture or economics. Please share your thoughts.

I firmly believe that the ideal, and most-effective, practice of architecture requires a transparent process involving all who are impacted by the architectural project.  Practically speaking, in today’s world, this is not possible.  So what to do?  Architects are currently tasked with the facilitation of the steadily evolving architectural process  among many additional important tasks and concerns.  Whether they are trained for the evolution in process that is currently underway, or for the facilitation of complex processes amongst the various constituencies, and whether they are effective with these ideas, is an entirely different matter.  If nothing else, perhaps this blog will illuminate in some small way, how it is going, with architects and architecture.  Your responses are a critical measure of progress.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


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